A batch of DT-10PM Vityaz modernised tracked carriers enters the service with the troops

by Admin | Friday, Mar 1, 2019 | 18 views

A batch of DT-10PM Vityaz modernized tracked carriers in the framework of the state defence order was adopted by the military representation of the Ministry of Defence of Russia. Such ten vehicles were shipped from the defence enterprise to the troops.

These vehicles are designed for transportation of special cargoes in especially difficult terrain and climatic conditions. The design of the vehicle provides for its modification and allows using the equipment as a universal chassis for the installation of various technological and special equipment. 

Its structural features ensure high mobility and low ground pressure. The Vityaz vehicles are mounted on wide tracks that prevent them from going into soft soil or snow, and if the cars fall into a swamp or water, the tracks will become a propeller, a special suspension creates a soft movement.

Special polyurethane coatings are used in the design of the driving and guiding wheels, and special rubber elements are used in the running gear. It damps jerks and impacts, provides smoothness at the movement and by that increases a resource of a running gear and transmission in general. The tracks are placed in such a way so that they ensure the self-cleaning of the undercarriage elements from mud, snow and ice.

The Vityaz vehicles are designed for operation at temperatures from 50 below the zero to 45 degrees above the zero, capable of speeds up to 45 km / h on land and up to 5 km / h afloat. At the same time, overcoming water obstacles does not require any special training. In their standard configuration, the carriers are able to drive up to 700 km at a single gas station.

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